Staplers, perforators and much more

For any application: Novus office products

Your need is our motivation: this is why we are constantly advancing our staplers and perforators. Your requirement is our commitment: we always keep a firm eye on the demands of the modern working world and develop the right office product for every application. Your goal is our mission: Novus makes work easier - every day.

Perforators, staplers and much more: we are open to changes and constantly drive innovation forward for our products at our Research and Development Centre. We use modern materials and see ourselves as pioneers.

Innovation and tradition are not a contradiction: Novus staplers and perforators combine the best from experience and development - for perfect staplers and perforators.

Expertise made in Germany

Expertise made in Germany

Novus: German engineering for safety and convenience

Novus has engineered its products in Germany from the very first day: this is why we always measure our products against German safety standards. It is for this reason that staplers and perforators from Novus are some of the highest-quality office products on the market today anywhere in the world.

Material quality, finish and technical standards are brought together at Novus to create valuable everyday helpers in the office. We not only say that, we guarantee it: for many products with a 25-year warranty.

German expertise for your everyday office routine: Novus staplers and perforators make work easier.

Novus: innovative materials cleverly integrated

Development begins with the material

Novus: innovative materials cleverly integrated

For Novus, quality goes far beyond technical progress: this is why we carefully select the materials for our products. Our members of staff at the Research and Development Centre are constantly looking for materials that will make Novus products even better.

For the first time, Novus eco provides a product range with fully recyclable plastic components. Conserving resources, the special plastic used is made from renewable raw materials. And yet: in everyday office use, Novus eco products are equally as durable as office products manufactured in the conventional way.

Conserving resources and also viewing our own processes under ecological aspects is everyday practice for Novus. The fact that our office products themselves stand for environmental compatibility is something special: development begins with the material.

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The concept of sustainability has not sprung out of nowhere.

Novus brings the recycling loop full circle.

We invest in the research and development of new materials that take account of sustainability considerations. This is why the hole punches and staplers in the Novus re+new series use plastics from single-origin recycled materials. These are plastics that have already been disposed of at least once. This is how our Novus re+new range is allowing us to bring the recycling loop full circle.

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Innovation and precision: to make life easy for you!

Best technology, best results

Innovation and precision: to make life easy for you!

For decades now, Novus has been making work easier for you with technical innovations. Generations of users are convinced of this!

A few examples: on stapling, flat-clinch technology bends the staple ends over, leaving them extremely flat against the surface of the paper. This way, flat-clinch staplers from Novus let you save a great deal of valuable filing space. Stapling is particularly easy with power-on-demand: stapling with leverage! Automatic stapling completes the last step of the stapling cycle all by itself. This makes filing particularly easy and convenient.

Integrated in quality-crafted staplers and perforators, the technology used always serves one goal: to make your work easier!