Novus staplers

Novus staplers

deliver perfect results: guaranteed!

Novus staplers are distinguished by their high quality material and finish. The design is modern, the finish high-quality: this is why Novus gives a warranty of up to 25 years on staplers.

Our re+new staplers are sustainable office helpers that are made primarily from recycled plastics: for the good of the environment! In the office, at home or at school, Novus desktop staplers, stapling pliers and heavy-duty staplers provide the perfect solutions for your needs.

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Novus stapling pliers

Novus stapling pliers

compact tools for perfect results

Novus stapling pliers: high-quality material and finish, ergonomically shaped and versatile. The design is time-tested and optimised for stability and durability. This is why Novus gives a warranty of up to 25 years on stapling pliers.

Test the ergonomic alternative to the office tacker!

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Perforators from Novus

Perforators from Novus

modern, reliable and convenient

Practical to high performance - perforators from Novus offer the right product for any need. Practical office perforators have proven invaluable in the small- and home office. Block perforators and special perforators impress with technical highlights and convenience for professional office work.

Novus perforators are high quality in material and finish. Opt for long-lasting and reliable product quality: with perforators from Novus!

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Collections from Novus

Collections from Novus

modern design perfectly coordinated

Staplers and perforators in the Novus office product collections match each other perfectly - our recommendation to make choosing them easier.

Matching design, tailored to your requirements: Harmony, Evolution, City-Line and Classic are the design lines from Novus: collections for any expectation and any need. Heavy duty, stapling pliers and Novus electric staplers are the answers to challenging applications.

Discover your perfect Novus collection!

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Novus sets

Novus Sets

go well together: staplers and perforators

Office product sets from Novus make work easier! Perfectly coordinated, our sets leave no margin of doubt in design and function: tried and proven quality from Novus.

Long-lasting Novus staplers and perforators are perfect tools for your office work. Novus office experts recommend: coordinated sets for perfect results and maximum convenience.

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high-quality branded staples from Novus

High-quality staples are the key to perfect stapling results. Galvanised in an eco-friendly process and precision-manufactured, Novus standard staples comply with DIN standard 7405.

From 2 to 200 sheets of paper, you will find the right staple type at Novus. Discover the wide range of Novus quality staples!

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with Novus: neatly removing staples

Staple removers

with Novus: neatly removing staples

Practical design and high-quality finish: this typifies staple removers from Novus. Easily removing even smaller-type staples without damaging the paper.

Staple removers from Novus are the perfect helpers for neatly removing staples!

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