Useful stapler for any desk

NOVUS MINI black - 020-1907

  • Useful stapler for any desk
  • Staple type: 24/6 and 26/6
  • Metal device with plastic upper and lower parts
  • Permanent stapling and nailing
  • Integrated metal staple remover
  • Top loading system with single staple guide
  • Includes 320 staples of type 24/6
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MaterialTool with metal functional parts
Stapling capacityMaximum number of sheets of 80 g/m² paper. The maximum capacity in this case is 12 sheets.
Stapling methodThe possible stapling style: permanent stapling
Stapling methodFor quick fastening: nailing.
Loading capacityQuantity and type of staple that can be used. In this case, 150 pieces 24/6 staples.
Throat depthMaximum paper insertion depth, in this case 10 mm.
Loading systemWith the top-loading mechanism, the staples are inserted into the stapler after lifting the stapler top.
GuaranteeNovus offers a warranty of 2 years when handled in a proper manner.