Stapling pliers from Novus

Stapling pliers from Novus

Ergonomic alternative to office tackers.

Stapling pliers have been available from Novus since the 50s. The compact stapler alternative is always the perfect choice when the items being stapled are unshapely, making them difficult to staple on a flat work surface. This is why these robust stapling pliers have been used successfully in many segments for decades.

Stapling pliers from Novus are comfortable and convenient to use: they fit well in the hand and feature a practical, easy-to-use loading system. Novus stapling pliers leave no margin of doubt with their excellent quality of material and workmanship.

Place your trust in the decades of experience that have gone into designing and manufacturing high-quality stapling pliers for your workplace. With expertise "made in Germany".

Novus stapling pliers: the ergonomic way to staple in difficult situations too

Effortless and ergonomic

Effortless and ergonomic

Novus stapling pliers: versatile and universal.

Stapling pliers from Novus are versatile office tools for the most exacting of demands. The ergonomically shaped handles fit comfortably in the hand. The optimised leverage makes working with Novus stapling pliers easy and simple at all times.

Finished to a high quality, these stapler alternatives impress with precision workmanship and selected materials: durable and comfortable to handle.

Functionality thought through to the end: temporary stapling is easily and neatly undone.

Hygienic and versatile

Hygienic and versatile

Novus stapling pliers can also be used in sensitive areas!

Joining together loose sheets of paper is probably what Novus stapling pliers are most frequently used for.

But there are far more ways of using them: chrome-plated metal stapling pliers can be kept clean with commonly used disinfectants and cleaning products. This means they can be used in hygiene-critical areas, such as meat counters, slaughterhouses or the pharmaceutical industry.

In most cases, industry and the trades use tackers which are even more robust and optimised for trade use.

Discover the varied range of stapling pliers from Novus!

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Innovation + expertise = ergonomics²

Introducing: the NOVUS B 36FC. The best Novus stapling pliers of all time! The entire experience from over seven decades of Novus stapler technology has gone into these pliers. Their design is ergonomic and comfortable to handle. The B 36FC with the space-saving Flat Clinch stapling system for more filing space is particularly practical.

These stapling pliers give you a powerful stapler in a pliers design for the highest of expectations. Quality we guarantee: for 10 years.

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Service from Novus

Service from Novus

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We are proud of our products and guarantee excellent material quality and finish. Novus products carry the GS tested safety certification mark and undergo numerous quality checks during production.

In the event that anything should fail to work in the way you expect it to, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service experts at any time. We will be pleased to help you.

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