The Heavy Duty range from Novus

The Heavy Duty range from Novus

Great performance for challenging stapling work.

The heavy-duty staplers and block perforators from the Heavy Duty range make easy work of getting through large piles of paper.

The diverse range of office products from Novus also provides the right answers to challenging needs with extreme ease of use, reliable technology and exceptional precision.

Heavy-duty staplers and block perforators: choose Novus Heavy Duty if you expect more from your office tools!

High performance from the Heavy Duty range

NOVUS B 56 heavy-duty stapler

High performance from the Heavy Duty range

Top-performing award winner: the NOVUS B 56 heavy-duty stapler is "Product of the Year" (Business Office Supplies)!

The NOVUS B 56 stands out for its extremely high stapling capacity of up to 200 sheets of paper. No jammed staples ever again: the anti-blocking system guarantees trouble-free stapling. The practical reserve compartment holds up to 400 staples. That's enough for up to 80,000 sheets of paper. The convenient paper positioning guide permits precise 45° stapling with effortless ease.

Heavy-duty stapler: the NOVUS B 56 from the Heavy Duty range is the reference for high-capacity staplers and modern, practical design.

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Heavy Duty: NOVUS B 2200

The block perforator for the most exacting of demands

Maximum performance: punch up to 200 sheets of paper on one go! The powerful 2-in-1 perforator is suitable for two as well as four-hole punching. The sliding adjustment unit makes four-hole punching easy and convenient.

The user-friendly handle: optimised leverage makes it extremely easy to punch thick piles of paper. Non-slip base ensures firm standing Automatically centring paper-punching position guarantees precision hole punching:
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NOVUS B 50 and B 56 heavy-duty staplers

NOVUS B 50 and B 56 heavy-duty staplers

Heavy-duty staplers: benefits at a glance

  • Anti-blocking system for trouble-free stapling
  • Press-button loading system for refilling convenience
  • Practical paper-punching position for precise stapling over corners
  • Movable anvil for quickly changing between parallel and bypass stapling
  • Integrated reserve compartment for storing staples to plan ahead.
  • Staples large piles of paper: up to 200 sheets
Service from Novus

Service from Novus

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We are proud of our products and guarantee excellent material quality and finish. Novus products carry the GS tested safety certification mark and undergo numerous quality checks during production.

In the event that anything should fail to work in the way you expect it to, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service experts at any time. We will be pleased to help you.

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