The stapler with Power on Demand and flat-clinch stapling

The 8FC is a top-class professional flat-clinch stapler with the performance of a heavy-duty stapler. The solid-metal stapler's high-gloss design makes it a real eye-catcher. The flat-clinch stapler's high loading capacity helps to save time while you are at work. The press-button loading mechanism with twin staple guide makes this stapler even easier to use.

Now watch the precision with which the NOVUS B 8FC stapler with Power on Demand and Flat Clinch does its job!

70% less stapling effort

Power on Demand

70% less stapling effort

Innovative Power on Demand technology from Novus also provides effortless stapling performance for large quantities of paper with the B8 FC: the folding lever saves over 70% of the effort needed to staple up to 50 sheets of paper.

Power on Demand provides exactly the right technology to boost efficiency in your everyday office work. Now is the time to opt for more stapling performance and less effort from Power on Demand technology!

Stapling made easy

Stapling made easy

the NOVUS B 8FC makes it easy!

More than a stapler - our best flat-clinch stapler for professional needs: colourful highlights mark the operating controls of the innovative NOVUS B 8FC. Handling is intuitive, making it fast and easy to use.

Simply thought through right to the very end! The innovative flat-clinch stapler takes the NOVUS 24/8 universal staple: neatly staple up to 50 sheets of paper or let the bypass system fasten just a few sheets with one and the same staple.

Make life easy and never again search for the right staple. Change over to the innovative NOVUS B 8FC flat-clinch stapler right now!

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Novus flat-clinch stapling

Novus flat-clinch stapling

Saves 30% filing space.

Novus is particularly proud of this efficient innovation: it was back in 1998 that Novus patented the world's first flat-clinch stapler with movable anvil. In conjunction with the bypass system, it is possible to staple different quantities of paper without changing the staple.

With staple ends resting flat against the paper, the flat-clinch stapling system cuts filing volume by 30%, freeing up valuable space in your office. Flat-clinch staplers from Novus: top-quality material, finish and performance!

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Novus bypass system

Novus bypass system

Additional filing convenience

Novus flat-clinch staplers come with the bypass system: making it even easier to staple documents together.

This technology prevents staple ends from overlapping. This way, different quantities of paper can also be fastened using one and the same staple. Regardless of how many sheets of paper you want to fasten, there is no longer any need to use staples of different lengths. Novus flat-clinch staplers make work easier: every day!

Temporary stapling and nailing function

Temporary stapling and nailing function

A practical addition to your Novus stapler.

More than just flat-clinch stapling: Novus staplers with the flat-clinch stapling system have even more innovative features to offer.

Temporary stapling was developed for documents that only need to be fastened together for a short period. This lets you pull staples out again quickly and easily with your fingers. The moveable anvil makes it easy to switch between pinning and stapling.

Novus staplers can do even more: you can also use our staplers for nailing. Simply fold the stapler apart and change its function. This way, notices and photos can easily be attached to a cork pin board, for example. In this case, the staple ends are not bent over but sunk in vertically.

Service from Novus

Service from Novus

We are there when you need us.

We are proud of our products and guarantee excellent material quality and finish. Novus products carry the GS tested safety certification mark and undergo numerous quality checks during production.

In the event that anything should fail to work in the way you expect it to, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service experts at any time. We will be pleased to help you.

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