Trouble-free stapling with less effort!

The NOVUS B 7A provides the last word in user-friendly stapling with patented automatic technology. A light press of the finger easily lets you staple up to 30 sheets of paper without a hitch: if a staple does ever get jammed, you can simply carry on stapling without having to unblock it. The Novus anti-blocking system prevents any staple jamming before it even happens!

At 105 mm, the stapler has an enormous throat depth and comes with a press button loading system. The double spring-loaded staple guide makes stapling particularly precise. The movable anvil also provides additional stapling flexibility, very easily giving you the option of switching between pinning and stapling. Product features are complemented by the additional capability of nailing with the B 7A.

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This is how automatic stapling works

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Automatic stapling

Effortless stapling: patented Novus innovation

Automatic stapling gives you perfect stapling results with effortless ease: the patented automatic function is activated in response to a light press of the finger and completes the stapling process all by itself with absolute perfection. All made possible by the spring mechanism patented by Novus!

Advanced technology and top quality for the ultimate in user-friendliness: choose a Novus stapler with automatic stapling function!

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Service from Novus

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