Black staplers and hole punches on a wooden tabletop
Environmentally friendly staplers and hole punches on a desktop

Tough around the office
– easy on the environment.

  • Sustainable thanks to their large proportion of recycled materials
  • Fully recyclable
  • Attractive design in elegant black
  • Sustainable product packaging
  • Robust and functional for daily use
  • Stable in value with up to a 25-year warranty

Recycled plastic – good for the environment over and over again.

Novus re+new: Sustainable stapling and hole punching.

The Novus re+new staplers and hole punches are designed to be environmentally friendly and recyclable from the way they’re engineered through to how they’re packaged. Production of the equipment, for example, makes use of a high proportion of recycled plastics. This is what makes these practical office tools with their contemporary all-black design into regular, everyday helpers that bring the recycling loop full circle.

re+new perforators from Novus – efficient and sustainable.

With their non-slip base and securely engaging paper guide complete with green accents, the Novus re+new B 230 and B 216 hole punches are convenient, everyday office helpers that are both environmentally friendly and practical.

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re+new staplers from Novus – tough around the office, easy on the environment.

Rely on sustainability on your desk. Discover the environmentally friendly and durable Novus re+new B 4FC, B 4 and B 2 staplers in a contemporary all-black design.

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Black is the new black.

The sophisticated all-black design of the re+new office equipment is synonymous with contemporary and sustainable office activity. And with their complementary green accents, they offer the perfect combination of functionality and design.

Loading mechanism

Quick and easy reloading thanks to the press button loading system with double staple guide for precision stapling.


Easy-to-use anvil for adding open or closed staples or enabling the pinning function.

Paper guide

Exact size specifications to suit standard dimensions: the paper guide engages securely in place while the green, easy-to-read size display provides the necessary overview.

Easy emptying

Straightforward, fuss-free emptying: the base of the hole punch can be opened halfway and closed again with ease.

The perfect equipment for a long service life.

Durability is just as important as sustainability: the impressive Novus re+new equipment features exceptional workmanship and a long-lasting, robust design. This is what sustainability in the office looks like.

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