Collections from Novus

Collections from Novus

Perfect match: in design and function

Your requirement - our recommendation: the office experts from Novus put together the ideal choice of products in collections, making the selection process easy for you. Just as you please: follow our suggestion or put together your perfect combination from the comprehensive Novus range.

Matching in design and tailored to your requirements - with collections from Novus, you are perfectly equipped for your needs. Harmony, Evolution, City-Line and Classic are ranges of perfectly matching staplers and perforators. Heavy-duty, stapling pliers and electric staplers provide solutions for special applications: put together in various well-structured collections.

Discover the collections from Novus and find your perfect combination

Perfectly coordinated staplers and perforators for your office work

Novus Harmony

Novus Harmony

Proven design in professional diversity

With the Harmony collection, Novus goes for tradition and professionalism. The high-quality product line leaves no margin of doubt with classic design, top quality and maximum convenience.

Novus products from the Harmony collection are powerful performers! Many highlight products and Novus innovations are featured in the collection. Harmony is particularly suitable for anyone attaching importance to sleek design and reliable performance.

We guarantee the particularly high-quality Harmony products for up to 25 years!

Harmony for your office

Novus Evolution

fresh colours or standard? 
The choice is yours.

Bring colour to your desk: with the Evolution collection from Novus. The perfect everyday helpers are reliable, practical and cleverly designed. For greater practical convenience, Evolution staplers feature an integrated staple remover. Evolution products are guaranteed for up to 10 years.

Evolution is the perfect universal collection: choose your favourite colour from our fresh, expressive colour world!

experience fresh colours
Practical starter models, reliable quality

Novus City-Line

Practical starter models, reliable quality

The City-Line collection provides tried and proven Novus quality at a low price. The highlight product is the C 3FC flat-clinch stapler as the attractively priced gateway to flat-clinch stapling.

We give a warranty of up to 5 years on our starter models from the City-Line collection.

to the City-Line products
Collections from Novus

Collections from Novus

modern design perfectly coordinated

Staplers and perforators in the Novus office product collections match each other perfectly - our recommendation to make choosing them easier.

Matching design, tailored to your requirements: Harmony, Evolution, City-Line and Classic are the design lines from Novus: collections for any expectation and any need. Heavy duty, stapling pliers and Novus electric staplers are the answers to challenging applications.

Discover your perfect Novus collection!

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Service from Novus

Service from Novus

We are there when you need us.

We are proud of our products and guarantee excellent material quality and finish. Novus products carry the GS tested safety certification mark and undergo numerous quality checks during production.

In the event that anything should fail to work in the way you expect it to, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service experts at any time. We will be pleased to help you.

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