Novus Dahle at Paperworld 2019: Stapler and Locher combine design and function with sustainability

Frankfurt a. M. / Lingen, January 26, 2019 – The staplers and punches of the new re + new series, which combine proven Novus design and function with sustainability, were presented by Novus Dahle at the Paperworld 2019 in Frankfurt. The equipment consists to a large extent of recycled material, d. H. Recycled plastics, which after their initial use for other commodities such. B. Refrigerators were fed to the recycling cycle. Depending on the model, the percentage of recycled material purchased from an Eucertplast-certified supplier is up to 95 percent of the total plastic input. With the expansion of the range, the manufacturer takes into account, on the one hand, the steadily growing demand for environmentally friendly products by consumers and, on the other hand, the company's own guidelines for sustainability. In addition to ecological aspects, emphasis was placed on noble design and ease of use during development. For this reason, all devices of the re + new family have both the metal and the plastic parts in "All Black" design. To ensure intuitive and safe operation, the function keys on the staplers and the labels are distinguished by an appealing green hue.

ABS recyclate was used in all models in the series. The varying proportion of the total required plastic is explained by the different characteristics of the devices. To achieve this, the optimal material is used. An example: Novus perforated floors are non-slip and split hinged, but other materials are better suited than ABS plastic. In addition to the use of recycled material, the construction of the equipment is part of the sustainable concept. All products have been designed and processed in such a way that they can be disassembled and separated according to type without great technical effort. Thus, the individual elements can be disposed of properly after use and then partially re-used for recycling. Incidentally, care is also taken in the packaging on environmental friendliness, it does not consist of coated paper and on a window with foil was omitted. The devices themselves are wrapped in tissue paper instead of in foil.

The topic of environmental protection has long been on the agenda of the manufacturer from Lingen. Thus, the new series replaces the previously available Novus Eco devices, which were already launched a few years ago on the market. The consistent further development of the products from an ecological point of view corresponds to the company philosophy, which includes guidelines for the quality and safety of the assortment as well as principles for sustainability. In the production, therefore, among other things, attention is paid to the efficient use of resources, these include next to the re-use of materials and the associated reduction of raw material requirements, the aspects of energy consumption and CO2 emission optimization. In addition, the use of environmentally hazardous substances is minimized. Thus, the re + new devices are completely chromium- and nickel-free and can therefore be used without any restrictions even by users with a corresponding allergy.