Novus Dahle at Paperworld 2018: A wide range of products for healthy office supplies

With the Novus more space system, screens, tablets, phones and documentation can be individually arranged to ensure a natural, healthy posture for the head and body.

Frankfurt am Main / Lingen, 27 January 2018 – Novus Dahle presented a wide range of product and system solutions for creating a healthy working environment at Paperworld 2018 in Frankfurt. As part of the “Future Office” special exhibition focussing on health, the company highlighted the importance of ergonomic workstation design, optimum light conditions and good air quality for making daily office life efficient as well as pleasant. The products on show included an individually configurable, flexible more space system, as well as innovative lighting and office technology. Used in conjunction, the products guarantee healthy working conditions and effectively prevent typical office complaints such as neck pain and headaches, back problems, eye complaints and poor concentration.


The Novus more space system plays an important role, since it ensures the systematic arrangement of various elements in the third dimension, leading to more order and space on the desk. Flexibly adjustable holders for screens, tablets, phones and documentation encourage a natural, healthy posture for the head and body. Support arms from the “LiftTEC®” range allow monitors to be conveniently adjusted to individual requirements, thanks to the integrated gas spring technology and ball-and-socket joint. Very low and tilted positions, which predominantly make it easier for wearers of varifocals to work at a screen, are now also possible.

High-quality lights from the “Attenzia” range can also be integrated in the more space system. Individual positioning is made possible here thanks to slim, infinitely adjustable support arms with finely-adjustable joints. The range includes two workstation lights suitable for illuminating various areas and a brand new floor lamp. State-of-the-art, dimmable LED lighting, high luminous flux and authentic colour rendition produce the optimum light conditions so that people can enjoy and concentrate on their work.


The “CleanTEC®” filter system for Dahle document shredders ensures good air quality in the office. A fully recyclable, three-layer special fleece binds more than 98% of the fine dust particles produced by the device and is TÜV tested. The particles are trapped directly above the cutting rollers and collected in the filter positioned at the rear as part of a closed system. This ensure that the fine dust does not get into the ambient air and cannot be inhaled into the lungs of employees.


The healthy concept is rounded off with some useful office helpers such as staplers, hole punches and cutters, which make work processes a lot easier thanks to ergonomic details. For example, the B 8FC stapler features the patented power on demand technology. This includes a hinged leaver, which reduces the power needed to process large quantities of paper by about 70%. The powerful B 2200 heavy-duty hole punch also ensures the optimum transfer of power, with a comfortable handle which allows the effortless punching of two or four holes in up to 200 sheets of paper.

Positioned individually or integrated in the more space system, high-quality lights from the “Attenzia” range provide optimum light conditions with state-of-the-art, dimmable LED lighting.