Joint commitment to avoid plastic waste

For the launch of the Novus re + new series, whose staplers and punches are made of up to 95% recycled plastics, Novus Dahle has launched a fundraiser.

Lingen, June 14, 2019 - The office space specialist Novus Dahle and the environmental organization One Earth - One Ocean e set a common example for environmental protection and sustainability. V. (OEOO) with their cooperation to avoid plastic waste in the oceans. The launch of the new Novus re + new line of high-quality staplers and punches made from up to 95% recycled plastics will be accompanied by a fundraiser whose proceeds go to OEOO. The national and international association is particularly committed to coastal and water protection and has developed the concept of "Maritime waste collection" for the collection and sustainable recycling of marine litter. Depending on the model, the company from Lingen donates 50 cents or one euro per device sold to the organization. The amount will be used, among other things, to fund education and training projects on plastic prevention and prevention for elementary and secondary school students. After just four months, three quarters of the original total donation sum of € 10,000 originally planned within one year has been reached. "The high demand from customers shows that we meet the zeitgeist with the new product series. Reducing plastic waste is a hot topic and consumers are now consciously taking this aspect into account when making their purchasing decisions. We want to reward this by expanding the fundraiser if the great interest in the products continues ", explains Dominique Fanta, Sales Director Global Accounts & Europe.

The manufacturer has also included the aspect of sustainability in its corporate philosophy. "Only when we have the social and ecological effects of our actions in view, we will live up to the responsibility that everyone has for people and the environment," emphasizes CEO Frank Indenkämpen. Among other things, the sustainability concept is implemented in the efficient use of resources, which in addition to the reuse of materials and the associated reduction in the demand for raw materials, includes energy consumption and CO2 emission optimization. In addition, the use of environmentally hazardous substances should be minimized. Following this concept, for example, the re new products were designed and processed in such a way that they can be disassembled and sorted according to type without great technical effort. The packaging is also designed with plastic avoidance in mind. It consists of uncoated paper and an additional window made of foil has been omitted. The devices themselves are wrapped in tissue paper instead of in foil. "The aspect of quality also plays an important role in terms of sustainability. With our extremely durable products, we demonstrably contribute to avoiding waste and minimizing environmental impact, "adds Indenkämpen.

From the point of view of the organization One Earth - One Ocean e.V., active environmental protection by companies is indispensable for an improvement of the ecological situation. "We work together with various companies and are glad that many companies now wake up and promote more sustainable action," says the founder Günther Bonin. "Among other things, this includes avoiding waste in everyday office life. There are plenty of starting points here: from a disposable coffee cup from a vending machine to plastic packaging in the canteen, post office, etc., and even unnecessary expression. "Cooperation with companies is an important support for the organization's projects, which are financed by sponsorship and donations. The contribution of Novus Dahle is used, for example, for lectures and workshops in which children and adolescents in schools, at extracurricular learning locations and in the OEOO laboratory in Kiel get to know the topics of waste and plastic avoidance, water purification or resource efficiency. The respective actions are specially tailored to the age and level of knowledge of the target group and are loosened up medially through pictures and videos as well as some quizzes and competitions. The current donation status is available at

The proceeds of the campaign will be used, among other things, to fund lectures on preventing plastic waste in schools.