There is more: Stapler and punch for large paper piles

Do you know that too? It is Monday morning, the presentation of the management begins in 30 minutes and there are still 800 sheets to be processed in professional handouts ... Your punching is as on the assembly line and staples until the hands are sore. In the end, some small stack is obliquely perforated or wrongly stapled and the documents look unprofessional. Then the hustle and bustle begins, and at 9 o'clock you feel as if you had climbed Mount Everest.

Does this happen more frequently in your workplace? Then you should definitely think about the purchase of a block-hole and block-stapler, For example from the Heavy-Duty series from Novus. With their help, you can stack and staple up to 200 sheets of paper, without any effort, and in no time. But when is this acquisition worthwhile?

Slightly pierced!

The traditional punch for daily use is indispensable on every desk. It reliably punches one to a maximum of 30 sheets of paper in normal thickness. However, in many offices, perforations are also required for larger quantities of paper, stronger papers or cardboard, Eg presentation documents, catalogs, comprehensive files, etc. If a puncture is required regularly and several times a year, a block punch is a sensible purchase. Most blockholes are made of slightly heavier metal and have an extended lifting unit that facilitates the punching of larger quantities or stronger material. The important aspects you should think about before buying a block hole:

  • How much paper do you have to punch regularly in one go? 
  • What is the format of the paper? 
  • How strong is the paper that you regularly punch? 
  • Do you need a 2-hole punch or a 4-hole punch?

If you have answered these questions for you, you will soon find the right block-hole. From the small registration punch for the regular punching of up to 40 sheets up to the powerful Multitalent for comfortable two- and quad-punching of up to 200 sheets. The cost is between € 10 and € 200.

With the clip!

... and in really thick stacks - in one slip and without much effort. The office often needs to be stapled. For a paper size of up to 20 sheets, the conventional stapler is the right choice. However, if you regularly need a staple for larger quantities of paper, Such as exposés in book thicknesses, contracts of 150 pages or marketing materials, then the use of a conventional stapler is time-consuming as well as sweat-resistant and not always successful. The stapler is the right choice. They work like normal staplers, but use the lever principle. The important aspects you should think about before buying a block hole:

Wie stark ist das Papier, das ihr regelmäßig heftet?

  • How much paper do you want to stick regularly? 
  • How strong is the paper that you regularly staple? 
  • Do you need simple stapling or saddle stitching?

The cost of a block stitcher is between € 30 and € 200. There is the right hole punch for every requirement - from the low-cost block stitcher for up to 100 sheets to the block stitcher with a very high stapling capacity of up to 200 sheets. If there is a special need, there is also a stapling in the center of the sheet, as is the case with brochures and staplers if you use a brochure stapling machine (or saddle stapler).


As soon as you regularly punch and staple larger amounts / thicknesses of paper in your workplace, it is worth buying a block hole punch and / or block stapler. At a comparatively small price, this acquisition has quickly balanced out and facilitates the work immensely. You save time and energy and the result always looks professional!

  • NOVUS B 56 Lichtgrau/Tiefschwarz - 023-0059

    Das Blockheftgerät mit sehr großer Heftleistung bis 200 Blatt

    Antiblockiersystem (ABS) für komfortables, störungsfreies Heften

    Vollmetallgerät mit Kunststoffummantelung

    Variable Einlegetiefe (bis 75 mm)

    Express Störungsbeseitigung für eine Leerheftung im Bedarfsfall

    Springfachlademechanik mit doppelter, federnd gelagerter Klammerführung

    Wendematrize für den schnellen Wechsel zwischen Parallel- und Bypass-Heftung

    Gewicht: ca. 1670 g

  • NOVUS B 2200 Grau - 025-0488

    Automatisch zentrierender Papieranschlag für eine präzise Lochung

    Der leistungsstarke 2 in 1 Blocklocher zur komfortablen Zwei- und Vierfach-Lochung mit 200 Blatt Lochleistung

    Verschiebbare Justiereinheit für die komfortable Vierfach-Lochung

    DIN-Arretierung für ordnerbündiges Lochen

    Komfortgriff für müheloses Lochen durch eine perfekte Kraftübertragung

    Griffschutz für höchste Sicherheit

    Werkzeugloser Austausch der Verschleißteile

    Rutschfeste Füße für einen sicheren Stand

    Vollmetallgerät mit Kunststoffummantelung

    Gewicht: ca. 3500 g

  • NOVUS B 17

    Professionelles und elegantes Broschürenheftgerät mit extra großer Einlegetiefe

    Vollmetallgerät mit kunststoffummanteltem Hochglanzoberteil

    Komfortables Heften von Broschüren in den Formaten DIN A6 bis DIN A2

    Rutschfester, silber eloxierter Aluminiumfuß für einen sicheren Stand

    Springfachlademechanik mit doppelter Klammerführung für eine präzise Heftung

    Wendematrize für die offene und geschlossene Heftung

    Gewicht: ca. 800 g