Gifts for colleagues: ideas and gadgets for the office

If you work full-time, then you probably spend more time with your colleagues than you do with your friends and family. That's why maintaining good relationships is essential. Even if we may think that we have very little in common with our colleagues, we quickly find areas of common ground throughout the course of our daily work. Maybe you have the same hobbies, or share a similar sense of humour? Maybe you even go to the pub for a drink after work? Employees who get along with their colleagues are happy to come into the office - now that's sure to boost their motivation!

Over the course of a year, there are a number of opportunities to give your colleague a little gift and brighten up their day. It could be a birthday present, a secret Santa gift, or maybe even a leaving present.

Choose gifts for colleagues according to the situation and occasion

Of course, the gift you give to a colleague and how valuable it is all depends on the relationship you have with them. If you are very similar and generally on the same wavelength, then you can probably spend a little more and don't have to waste too much time thinking about what to get them. If, however, you don't know your colleagues so well, it could be a bit trickier to pick the right gift. The best course of action is to clarify a few things first:

  • How much do you want to spend on this gift for your colleague? 

  • What are your colleague's hobbies and interests? 

  • What are the things that there is no way they will use? 

If, after this, you still can't think of anything, then you can always get them something for the office. There are plenty of fun business gadgets that can make their daily work a little easier, put a smile on their face or are simply handy to have around.

10 gift ideas for colleagues

Personalised superhero mug: The perfect gift for your favourite colleague! If they have a lot of stress to contend with throughout the course of their working day, then a mug, as a birthday present, for example, is exactly what they need.

"Stresskiller" sculpture game: Just the thing for calming down, de-escalating stress or just letting the creativity run wild …

Magic 8 ball: Got a colleague who never knows what they want? Shall we order pizza for lunch? Do I schedule the meeting for morning or afternoon? Which task on the to-do-list should I tackle first? Sound familiar? Then a magic 8 ball is a no-brainer.

Cyber Clean: Is your colleague always trying to keep their phone and keyboard clean? Or just a complete mucky pup? Either way, they'll love the Cyber Clean putty that restores everything to its original sheen and gets into even the tightest spots.

Self-adhesive metal plinth for precious memories: Magnets allow happy memories and all sorts of notes to be attached to a metal plinth and welcome your colleague to the office every day.

USB cup warmer: We've all been there. You've just brewed yourself a cup of coffee when someone calls your name and you get dragged into a conversation or are distracted by something. By the time you get back to your mug, your coffee has gone cold. Well, not if you have a cup warmer that connects up to your computer via USB.

Scratch-off world map: For the globe-trotting colleague, what could be more fun than mapping out how far they've come?

Scribble pad:
The best ideas come from nowhere. So when they do come, make sure your colleague is perfectly prepared with a scribble pad to jot things down on.

Retro mini console: Keen computer/TV gamers will love this retro mini console - a real blast from the past. How better to chill out over a lunch break?

Whether it's a birthday present, something special for Christmas or a parting gift, there are plenty of things you could get for your colleagues, even ones you don't know very well. Found what you're looking for yet?