All a question of attitude


the paper or at least half of the bend, then fumble into the hole punch

and hope that the distance fits in some way - somehow you always get

four holes in the paper. At the latest when pinching into the folder shows, however, how good the eye was actually. If,

on the other hand, you would rather have clean-ended pages - and that

is guaranteed -, you will be happy that quadruplets even without

fumbling and gambling. Because most punches have exactly the right setting for this requirement: 3x8.


The one-color of office work


brief explanation of this small calculation task: A fourfold perforated

sheet has a distance of 8 centimeters between the holes after extended

ISO 838 perforation. Sometimes the variant 888 meets us on the perforated rail, which means the same thing. Especially when a larger stack has to be perforated four times, it is very important to know and use this setting! And with the table-top cutters from Novus, up to 30 sheets are possible simultaneously, Eg with the NOVUS B 230! To

do this, you just need to set the track to the 3x8 format, insert the

stack, punch, remove the stack, and then turn it back in and punch

again. Voilà: A perfectly fourfold perforated paper stack!