New life for old refrigerators - sustainable office supplies for the future

One of our ideas is the new office equipment series re + new. The office equipment consists to a large extent of recycled raw materials from already used products, such as refrigerators.

The careful use of resources as well as the best possible recycling is becoming more and more the focus of production. Now it is possible to recycle already used plastic by sorting it and then shredding it into fine and high quality material.

This recycled material is also used in our new re + new line of staplers and punches for the office. A certified recycling company with years of experience in the recycling of refrigerators makes the old appliances so-called recyclates. This refers to recyclable plastics derived from post-consumer waste. These were at least once in use by consumers, individuals, households and offices before being disposed of.

In order to reuse the material, selected components are processed into recyclates, which in turn are processed in our re + new office equipment. For a long time, we have also been using so-called post-industrial waste in production. These arise during production at various points. These are collected, shredded and reintroduced into the production chain.

By combining these two processes, we close the recycling cycle at Novus re + new and ensure the careful use of valuable resources. During product development, care was also taken to ensure that the packaging was completely plastic-free

Because the change to the Green Office benefits everyone and is not difficult at all, we have summarized the best tips on waste prevention in the office in this article

The best way to protect the environment is finally education. Because only if no new waste arises, the pollution of the oceans can be stopped. But where is the problem? And why is the protection of the seas so important?

This is not only unpleasant when you want to swim in the sea, but endangers our entire ecosystem and also harms us humans. Ultimately, the plastic gets through so-called microplastic in our food chain. The exact effects of this are still unknown.

Good that there are people who are committed to sustainability and the protection of the seas. Novus also takes responsibility. With a fundraiser for the launch of the new re + new product line, the company is supporting the environmental organization One Earth - One Ocean e.V., and is battling the plastic garbage in the oceans.

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