Brand ambassadors at and on the desk


things like logo magnets, the branded punch or stapler can give clear

signals and have a positive effect on the identification of the

employees with their company and the brand. Is your company color red, why not also place office equipment in the right color in the offices? And

the color does not stop there: Modern technology makes it possible to

print logos, short messages like a claim or even a pixel graphic on

staplers, punches, magnets or magnetic strips. It is the details that make the difference! This difference, a. Also remember your customers.

Brand effectively to the outside


a visitor arrives in a company in which consistent adherence to the

corporate identity is placed, he notices this - whether consciously or

unconsciously. A coherent environment has a positive effect, an effect that can be used very easily. This

can already begin in the entrance area. A logo printed with the logo or

company name will receive the visitor in the same way - just like every

employee when he comes to work. Such individual log mats can now be produced in many colors and sizes. Whether it's punching or mat, the possibilities are very diverse! Maybe these useful brand ambassadors are also in use for you? Achieving brand impact inside and outside was definitely never so easy!