know them from the office, from meat, from the industry, from the

dispatch, from the florist or ... - oh, basically the possibilities of

use are unlimited! Everywhere where fast, frequent, one-handed and without great effort is stapled, staples are most likely to be used. But what exactly is the difference now?

Precise stitching made easy

Especially for the "Hochnehmer" among you is the Heftzange from the ergonomic view the better choice. It is designed to be operated with one hand in the air and, by its own leverage effect, Such as the desk or work surface. This

is why it is preferred for activities where you are already

predominant, like at the meat counter, in the dispatch shop or in the

flower store. Accurate and fast stapling is part of the normal workflow. This makes it all the more important that this is not disturbed by annoying stapling or cumbersome reloading. Therefore, value should be placed on quality.

Flexible and ergonomic

Quality has many facets: on the one hand belong the processing and the material. Manufacturers such as: B.

Novus, which give their tongs long guarantees of at least 10 to 25

years, have developed their products extra robust and durable. On

the other hand, handling also plays an important role: Ergonomically

shaped handles make the devices more handy and more articulated. High-quality stitching tongs also provide a good force transmission, ie, with low paper volumes, For example, 4 sheets, a slight compression is already sufficient to adhere the sheets together. Depending on the device, however, up to 40 or even 50 sheets are possible simultaneously - without great effort!