Tidy desk with laptop notebooks and houseplant
White and black orders as well as order boxes in a shelf

10 tips for a tidier workstation

  1. Get yourself a filing system and divide it into the categories current, ongoing and completed. This will help you to sort incoming documents into the right compartment and you will know immediately what the current processing status is. Your filing system should be adapted to suit your own work processes in the best possible way.

  2. Labelled files for individual projects will help you stay on top of things and find important documents such as receipts quickly. With “Flat Clinch” stapling, you can staple your documents flatter together, saving more space in your filing cabinet.
Frau sitzt an PC und arbeitet produktiv.

Ensure order with the 5S method

The 5S method is a simple system you can use to ensure a permanently orderly workstation. The method originally comes from the production industry and was developed to keep workstations tidy and well-ordered. It should allow work processes to run as smoothly as possible. Using the 5S method, you can ensure more order at your workstation: